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Tedavi Tour is a medical tourism agency in Turkey. We officially provide services for the selection of treatments in Turkish hospitals for foreign patients.

Tedavi Tour - Medical Tourism Agency in Turkey

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Main treatments:


  • Antalya
  • Istanbul
  • Ankara

Our packages include: *

  • Flight,
  • Transfer,
  • Hotel accommodation;

with reasonable prices


Insurance is included for every patient

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We have all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide medical services in Turkey.


Treatment in Turkish hospitals

In Turkish hospitals, a wide range of diseases are treated. Additionally, there are specialists of a narrow profile, whose specialization extends to very rare diagnoses and the most complex surgical operations. Our task, depending on each patient, is to find a highly qualified specialist who is able to help you. Today, more and more patients from Europe, Asia and the former CIS countries travel to Turkey for treatment. In recent years, Turkey has been in the TOP 3 leaders of countries in international tourism in many directions. Turkish hospitals are famous for their careful attitude towards foreign patients. Regardless of the material condition, everyone is treated with respect and care.

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