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Breast Plastic Surgery Mammoplasty In Turkey

Breast Plastic Surgery Mammoplasty In Turkey. Breast plastic surgery in Turkey is an operation aimed at the aesthetic correction of the mammary glands in women.

Breast plastic surgery in Turkey is an operation aimed at the aesthetic correction of the mammary glands in women. Turkey ranks first in the number of plastic surgeries in this area. Local surgeons use the most modern techniques to reshape the breast.

Mammoplasty has the following types:

  • Augmentation (breast augmentation with round or anatomical prostheses)
  • Reduction (reduction of the mammary gland with hyper- and gynecomastia)
  • Firming (lifting the skin, glands and muscles in the area of the female breast)
  • Combined (breast augmentation or reduction combined with skin tightening)
  • Reconstructive (breast reconstruction after radical mastectomy in the presence of cancer or other pathologies, carried out with the use of implants and transplanted skin grafts)
  • Non-surgical (augmentation or correction of the breast shape using the principles of tissue engineering - fat transfer from the abdomen or buttocks)

Breast plastic surgery in Turkey is performed using minimally invasive and micro-surgical methods. The surgeon gains access through the nipple, the fold under the breast, the axillary fossa. The size of the cuts does not exceed 3-4 centimeters. Doctors in Turkey prefer to place an implant under the muscle for a natural visual effect.

Benefits of mammoplasty in clinics in Turkey:

  • Individual approach to the selection of implants and correction options
  • Faster recovery with gentle surgical techniques
  • Intraoperative control by computer navigators and robots, eliminating the risk of profuse blood loss and other complications
  • Harmonious and "natural" visual result
  • No rough scars after surgery

The operated breast requires the wearing of compression garments, which can be purchased at the clinic. Patients are offered physiotherapy procedures aimed at relieving edema and activating regenerative processes. The clinic is allowed to leave the next day after the surgery.

As a rule, the cost of implants is already included in the cost of the operation. The duration of hospitalization is 1-2 days, and after 3-5 days the patient can return to work.

At the same time, the price of the mammoplasty package includes:

  • surgical intervention;
  • medical consumables (including implants with magnification);
  • preoperative tests;
  • 1 day of hospitalization in the clinic;
  • the cost of a consultation with a doctor (the price is influenced by his experience, name, possession of unique methods);
  • translation services;
  • transfer airport-hotel-airport.

Average cost of breast augmentation in Turkey starts from 3.500$

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