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Our company Tedavi Tour is the official partner of Turkish hospitals and medical clinics. We help foreign patients find the most suitable treatment in Turkey.

Our company Tedavi Tour is the official partner of Turkish health institutions, hospitals and medical clinics. In Turkish language “Tedavi” means treatment, recovery. So, as you can understand from the name of our company, we help foreign patients find the most suitable hospital and clinic for treatment in Turkey.

It is no secret to anyone that recently, Turkish medicine has significantly improved the quality of patient care. Moreover, in the field of plastic surgeons and hair transplants and dentists, surgeons and other doctors in Turkey are second to none in almost the entire world.

However, recently more and more patients have begun to come to Turkey in need of treatment for serious oncological and cardiac diseases.

It is the ratio of price and quality of medical care in Turkey that makes the majority of foreign patients choose treatment in Turkey.

We provide medical support to the patient from the moment of submitting a request for treatment to his full possible recovery.

Quick Facts

Main treatments:


  • Antalya
  • Istanbul
  • Ankara

Our packages include: *

  • Flight,
  • Transfer,
  • Hotel accommodation;

with reasonable prices


Insurance is included for every patient

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We have all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide medical services in Turkey.

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