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Dental implants in Turkey

Dental clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology. Many of them are located in the immediate vicinity of the resort areas.

Dental implants in Turkey

In almost every dentistry on the staff there is a person (secretary, nurse, assistant) who speaks English, Russian and other languages. This removes the problem of the language barrier and provides a better understanding between doctor and patient.

Dental clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology, many of them are located in the immediate vicinity of the resort areas, such as Antalya, Izmir, Istanbul. For example, in Antalya, you can find centers accredited by the Turkish Medical Association, 5-8 minutes walk from popular recreation areas.

In Turkey, a whole range of world manufacturers of implants, from their own Turkish to Swiss, are used. The cost of implants in the clinics of the Republic depends on the manufacturer and the pricing policy of the clinic itself.

  • Osstem (South Korea)
  • Alfa Gate (Israel - Germany)
  • Megagen (South Korea)
  • Nobel (Sweden)
  • Staumann (Switzerland)
  • Astra Tech (Sweden)
  • Densply Dio (South Korea)

The indicated price includes the implant itself, a standard abutment for it - a connecting base for the crown, impressions of the jaws, computerized design of the crown and its manufacture, work and implantation of the implant. If bone augmentation is required, the procedure is paid separately and is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the implant.

All X-ray examinations, consultation, cost estimation, as well as the preparation of a treatment plan are carried out free of charge.

When choosing an implant, the doctor is guided by the condition of the bone tissue, the amount of work and the patient's financial capabilities. But different sites can be installed with implants from different manufacturers.

The crown is placed on the implanted implant after some time, usually from 3 to 6 months and depends on the manufacturer's recommendations and survival rates.

Metal-ceramic crown is included in the cost of the "turnkey" implant. Paid separately if installed on your own tooth for a purpose. saving it. Zirconium crown paid separately.

The price of crowns differs and depends on the material, as well as whether the dental clinic has its own laboratory for their manufacture. If you order crowns elsewhere, then their cost will be slightly higher than when you have your own laboratory. The fitting and execution of individual crowns takes about a week. First, impressions are made, then temporary crowns are made, with which the patient walks until the permanent crowns are ready. Fitting and turning of crowns, as well as color matching, takes place several times during these 7 days.

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