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Glaucoma treatment in Turkey

Glaucoma treatment in Turkey. Early diagnosis of glaucoma and prompt treatment is a very important factor in maintaining vision.

Early diagnosis of glaucoma and prompt treatment is a very important factor in maintaining vision. If left untreated early, this disease can lead to permanent blindness.For early diagnosis and treatment of pathological conditions that are noticeable only in the later stages, and serious eye diseases such as glaucoma, it is necessary to undergo an ophthalmological examination regularly, once a year.

In the Dünyagöz clinic group, the intraocular pressure is always measured first, regardless of the complaints of the patient who is admitted to the clinic for examination. Thus, in the Dünyagöz group of clinics, any previously unseen glaucoma is always determined.

Unforeseen danger: eye pressure

The most important reason that glaucoma (an eye disease caused by increased intraocular pressure) is considered a progressive disease is the absence of symptoms until the late stages, when irreversible vision loss has already begun. Glaucoma can be seen in all age groups, including newborns.Starting with an imperceptible and slow course of the disease, glaucoma can lead to incurable loss of vision in the optic nerves with the transition to a rapid course of the disease in the later stages.

How does an eye with glaucoma see?

When the pressure in the vitreous increases, the optic nerve is damaged. This damage manifests itself as a narrowing of the visual field. At an early stage of this disease, symptoms are not noticeable, therefore, if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage during regular ophthalmological examinations, it can be controlled with eye drops, a laser or, if necessary, by performing an operation, preventing loss of vision.

Glaucoma treatment in Turkey:

  • Experienced doctors specializing in the treatment of glaucoma with experience in thousands of surgeries
  • Diagnostic equipment that uses the world's latest technological infrastructure for the observation and treatment of glaucoma
  • Latest Generation Laser Devices and FDA Approved Medical Devices
  • All medical supplies, including surgical gowns, syringes, and specialty medications, used during surgery are disposable and used only for you.
  • Specially designed operating rooms for eye surgeries
  • Tubular implants used in glaucoma, FDA approved (sutures, valves)

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