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Hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey. In Turkey, doctors use the most modern FUE hair transplant method, which can sometimes be done with DHI and FUE methods.

In Turkey, doctors use the most modern FUE hair transplant method, which can sometimes be done with DHI and FUE methods. The essence of DHI and FUE techniques is that the removal of hair follicles is performed using a special implant needle. Its size 0.70-0.80 and 0.90 allows you to take hair without incisions of the skin of the donor part of the head. In this case, no scalpel is used, no stitches are applied.

This method allows you to remove more hair roots (grafts), which in the future also determines the density of the hair. Hair setting is also done using a special device with a special needle. Its use allows the hair follicles to be immersed to the required depth without incisions and trauma to the skin.

Thus, hair transplantation achieves:

  • great density.
  • fast recovery, since collection and implantation is carried out without skin incisions;
  • more natural look.

Organic hair transplantation in Turkey

This method of more effective FUE hair transplantation is a hair transplantation using injections of the patient's own stem cells, which are obtained from his fat cells. The patient is then injected with this fluid into the transplant area. Thus, doctors do not need to administer standard injections that can harm the hair follicles.

Benefits of the organic hair transplantation method:

  • the transplant efficiency increases up to 96%;
  • the process of hair transplantation is facilitated;
  • no need to use chemicals;
  • promotes the growth of more vibrant and healthy hair.

Hair transplantation process

How is the hair transplantation procedure going?

The area of ​​the occiput is considered primarily as a donor area. If it is not enough, then during hair transplantation in men, the beard and mustache area may act as a donor. In case the patient is not against the fact that facial hair may become more rare, then doctors welcome this decision, since the hair from the front part is perfect, and this does not create problems with harmony.

The back and legs are considered in extremely rare cases. Usually the hair there is not suitable for transplantation. After all, it is very difficult to select the highest quality hair follicles from that area.

Preparing for surgery

In fact, there is no need for complex preparations for a hair transplantation operation, however, there is a list of rules that patients must adhere to:

  • it is not recommended to drink alcohol and smoke in 1-2 weeks;
  • you must refrain from caffeinated drinks per day;
  • the day before, you need to thoroughly wash your hair without using additional products (masks, gels, etc.);
  • it is worth coming to the operation in comfortable clothes. After all, you have to lie down.

Operation process consists of several steps:

  1. Collection of hair follicles. Each follicular unit is removed from the donor area for transplant.
  2. Preparation of the recipient area, where the hair roots will be transplanted.
  3. The follicles are brought into a condition ready for transplantation.
  4. Transplantation.

At this stage, the slope of the transplant is extremely important, because the hair should grow at the natural slope of growth. The doctor's aesthetic taste plays a very important role, because no one wants to be like a grass man when the hair sticks out in different directions.The procedure itself is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, during it, the patient is awake: reading a book or watching a movie. Although he can sleep) After the operation, the doctor applies a bandage to the donor area and the operation is completed.

Postoperative period

Immediately after the operation, there is a slight swelling, but the patient can safely return to his normal life. Hair transplantation in Turkey is always combined with tourist life. Our patients spend these few days walking around Istanbul, because they do not experience pain and have no restrictions on movement.

There are still a few rules:

  • during the first days, cover the transplanted site with a special cap to avoid follicle loss;
  • 24 hours after the operation, the doctor will show you how to wash your hair after hair transplantation;
  • The hair transplant area must be sterile, so the pillow must be kept clean, and the head angle during sleep must be 45 degrees to prevent hair loss due to friction.

Hair engraftment after transplantation

In 2-3 days, the donor area will recover and the redness will go away. Shock hair loss occurs after 2-3 weeks, when all the transplanted hairs fall out, but they successfully grow back within 2 months

For 2-3 months, thin hair begins to grow, gradually it will thicken. In 4-6 months, almost all of the transplanted hairs will grow back, but have not yet reached their final density.

6-12 months you will see how the hair structure changes.12-18 months is the final look for your new hair. Congratulations!

Features of hair transplantation in Istanbul

How is the arrival for hair transplantation in Turkey, Istanbul? For hair transplantation, patients arrive for 3-4 days.

First day - arrival, doctor's consultation

The second day is the operation. The operation lasts an average of 5-7 hours with a lunch break. She is sedated. The patient is conscious, but does not experience pain.At the end of the transplantation, the patient is picked up by a transfer and taken to the hotel. It is recommended to be at rest on this day.

On the third day, patients after hair transplantation already want to walk, which they do very successfully. In the afternoon, the transfer picks up and takes them to the clinic, where the doctor does the first head wash on his own. After the examination, the patients are ready to leave the country and the transfer takes them to the airport. Throughout the rehabilitation process, patients are in touch with medical coordinators and a doctor on WhatsApp, where they quickly receive answers to all questions

Hair transplantation price in Turkey

All clinics offer hair transplantation package prices. The cost of hair transplantation surgery does not depend on the number of grafts. It depends on:

  • transplantation method;
  • additional procedures;
  • the level of the clinic and the quality of service.
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