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Health Checkup in Turkey

Health checkup and batch diagnostics in Turkey is the best way to combine business with pleasure: assess your health and detect pathologies at an early stage, while saving time and money while you are on vacation in Turkey.

Health checkup is a series of laboratory and instrumental tests that give an idea of the health of a person as a whole or the functioning of individual systems of his body. This diagnosis takes only half a day, and the results of all analyzes will be ready on the same evening or the next morning.

Doctors recommend having such an examination at least once a year, because it allows you to determine the presence of abnormalities in the early stages, before the first symptoms appear. The earlier a disease is detected, the easier and faster it can be cured.

In Turkey, for a comprehensive examination of the body, the latest developments in laboratory analyzes and the best medical equipment of the highest class are used, which allows visualizing the changes occurring at the cellular level.

There are various health checkup and batch surveys:

  • Diagnostics of oncological diseases
  • Diagnosis of cardiac diseases
  • Diagnosis of skin diseases
  • General comprehensive examination of human health

If signs of disease are detected, additional studies are prescribed. Surveys abroad are more informative and sensitive, which makes it possible to detect pathology at an early stage. If a person already has a diagnosis made in the USA, Europe or Russia, then appropriate packages are selected for him, which will allow him to confirm or deny this diagnosis.

The procedures required for the analyzes are painless. Even endoscopic examinations (e.g. colonoscopy and gastroscopy) are pain-free and pain-free thanks to sedatives. If necessary, you can agree to combine the examination with a medical procedure, for example, with the removal of polyps.

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