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Installation of lumineers in Turkey

Lumineers are the thinnest ceramic plates that are placed on the teeth. In terms of their functionality, they are similar to veneers, but much thinner than them.

Lumineers are the thinnest ceramic plates that are placed on the teeth. In terms of their functionality, they are similar to veneers, but much thinner than them. Therefore, they are placed without teeth turning. All procedures are carried out only by experienced, specially trained specialists, since the work must be performed with pinpoint precision. Such specialists practice in the dental centers of the Medicana clinic. Therefore, the installation will be of high quality. In Turkey, the delivered lumineers are guaranteed for 5 years.

Basically, these plates are placed to hide existing anomalies in the dentition, including:

  • the presence of interdental spaces;
  • the presence of chips, deformations;
  • the presence of fluorosis of tooth enamel, changed shades, worn out enamel;
  • the presence of teeth with a shortened crown or wedge-shaped;
  • the presence of displaced teeth;
  • filled anterior teeth;
  • stained teeth that cannot be removed by professional cleaning;
  • the presence of a tetracycline defect in the patient's teeth, characterized by a change in the color of the teeth when taking antibacterial drugs of the tetracycline series.

Lumineers and veneers solve the same problem. But the first ones are installed faster, painlessly. In addition, an X-ray examination is not required. Despite their extreme subtlety, they are not transparent and can hide many defects.

There are contraindications for the procedure:

  • the presence of weakened teeth, thinned enamel,
  • rapid abrasion of teeth;
  • severely altered bite;
  • performing improper oral hygiene procedures;
  • the presence of allergies to the materials included in the lumineers;
  • the presence of extensive carious lesions.

With such common diseases as cataract (after surgery), retinal disease, in the presence of a pacemaker, the installation of plates is contraindicated.

Relative contraindications include bruxism, possession of bad habits (smoking pipes, the habit of gnawing, clicking).

Lumineers have many advantages:

  • teeth will not be prepared before setting;
  • possessing high aesthetics due to full compliance with the color of your own teeth;
  • the design is quickly installed, the patient will only need to visit the dentist twice (with the exception of preliminary therapy for identified pathologies, carious, infectious processes);
  • painlessness of the installation procedure, exclusion of anesthesia;
  • the color will remain unchanged, food coloring will not be reflected on it;
  • the materials used in the production of records are characterized by harmlessness to the body;
  • the design will not be erased;
  • fluoride is included in the composition of the cement that fixes the lumineer; when fixed, the teeth will be fluoridated, protected from secondary carious pathologies;
  • the installation of the plates is a reversible procedure, they can be removed without consequences;
  • comfortable to use, durable (will last up to twenty years).

Installation steps

The plate is not placed on a single tooth. An important point for aesthetic reasons is the observance of symmetry. Therefore, at least two records are required. They can not be placed on the teeth of the lower row, it all depends on the wishes of the patient. Teeth not covered with lumineers are best treated with bleaching. This will create aesthetic compatibility.

The first visit includes an examination of the oral cavity. If diseases, pathologies, inflammatory processes are detected, therapy will be performed without fail. After preparation of the oral cavity, computer modeling is performed, which makes it possible to evaluate the result, to see the "future smile". The patient can correct the simulation results.

Taking impressions from two jaws. Sending them to a specialized laboratory for the production of lumineers. Before installing the plates, the teeth are not grinded, only thoroughly cleaned for better adhesion.

When the finished plates are received, the patient tries them on. Fully suitable Lumineers are cemented with specialized fluoride cement.

Placing the plates will not limit the intake of coffee, tea, red wines, food containing dyes. But for the maximum preservation of the original appearance, the dentist will give the necessary recommendations, which will not be at all difficult to follow. They consist of regular oral hygiene (brushing teeth, using mouthwash after meals, dental floss). You will need to undergo a dental examination twice a year, not to gnaw on solid food and objects.

Lumineers manufacturing

The process of making thin 0.2-millimeter plates is rather complicated. They are produced only in the only laboratory located in the USA. For this reason, patients will need some time, which includes sending the impressions, producing lumineers, and delivering to the dental center.

Manufacturing technology is patented. For each patient, onlays are made individually according to the impressions. The extremely durable cerinate porcelain is used. Due to the strength of the material, the design of the plates is durable, the formation of cracks on the surface is excluded. The applied computer modeling technologies LIMI TRAY contribute to obtaining ready-made onlays to the maximum corresponding to the shape, color shade of the patient's teeth.

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