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Oncology (cancer) Treatment in Turkey

Oncology (cancer) treatment in Turkey. Turkey entered the TOP-5 leaders of medical tourism, which accept the largest number of cancer patients from all over the world for treatment

Turkey entered the TOP-5 leaders of medical tourism, which accept the largest number of cancer patients from all over the world for treatment.

Cancer treatment is a priority area of ​​medicine for most of the leading Turkish clinics. At this stage, Turkey has already done a lot to achieve significant progress in this area, and continues to work actively to get the title of number 1 in the world in the fight against cancer. Survival rates after treatment for major cancers in Turkey have already reached, and in some cases, exceeded those in Israel and Germany.

In Turkish clinics, the most modern and accurate methods for diagnosing cancer from stage 0 to 4 are available. Diagnostics and treatment are carried out according to international protocols. The diagnostic and treatment program in Turkey is in line with the principles of precision medicine - personalization, participation, forecasting. 42 medical institutions of the country have the JCI certificate, which is considered the most prestigious in the world. Turkey is among the TOP countries with the largest number of state-of-the-art medical equipment. In private clinics in Turkey, all the methods of treatment that may be needed for oncology are available, including organ transplants and bone marrow transplants; Some clinics in the country collaborate with the world's best cancer treatment centers - Johns Hopkins Clinic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Anderson Cancer Center and others. Turkish specialists regularly improve their knowledge at conferences, seminars, symposia dedicated to the fight against cancer, which are held in the United States and Europe; In hospitals, prices are reasonable - when it comes to urgent fundraising, the 40% difference can be decisive. In Turkey, prices are much lower, with the same level of medical services with leading countries.

Features of Turkish cancer diagnosis

Computed tomography is the gold standard for recognizing the type of tumors; Magnetic resonance imaging provides high-resolution 3D images. It is also used in surgeries to improve the accuracy of the intervention; The treatment program and prognosis in oncology is based on a biopsy of the tumor tissue.The patient undergoes all examinations within 1-2 days, and receives the results in three days. A consultation is involved in making the diagnosis - a group of experienced doctors of various specializations.


In the oncological direction, patients often turn to Turkey for treatment: breast cancer; adenocarcinoma of the stomach; prostate cancer; bladder tumors; lung cancer; melanoma; liver cancer; meningiomas; kidney cancer; astrocytomas. They go to Turkey for a bone marrow transplant, which is required for patients with acute or chronic leukemia, lymphoma, lymphocytic leukemia and other blood diseases.


TrueBeam Varian / Elekta / STx Linear accelerator of the latest model, which is used to irradiate tumors. Using TrueBeam cuts the treatment time in half. The radiation is directed at the tumor with millimeter precision. Thus, side effects are minimized. The procedure does not require anesthesia as the radiation is painless. CyberKnife Robotic System The world's first device for non-invasive treatment of tumors anywhere using high doses of radiation. CyberKnife imaging software delivers ultra-precise target doses of radiation and automatically adjusts to tumor movement. Da Vinci robotic system A robot under the control of a doctor, with the help of which low-traumatic operations are carried out through several incisions. The robot is equipped with a video camera and fine cutting tools, and it also does not shake hands. This allows operations to be carried out without complications. After robotic surgery, the patient recovers quickly and, in most cases, retains the functionality of the organ. Gamma Knife This is a radiosurgical unit for the treatment of brain tumors. The irradiation accuracy with the Gamma Knife Elekta system is 0.15 mm, which is 6 times the standard for existing systems. The safety of the procedure is enhanced by the imaging of the Cone Beam CT. Thanks to it, the irradiation stops or decreases if healthy tissue gets under the sight.


Innovative technologies and methods are applied here in the treatment of cancer of any stage and type. In Turkey, special attention is paid to the use of modern methods of cancer therapy, which show high efficiency in the treatment of cancer, as well as safety for patients. These include: targeted therapy - treatment of cancer with targeted drugs that have a targeted effect on a malignant neoplasm; tomotherapy - destruction of a tumor by means of layer-by-layer radiation; immunotherapy - treatment of oncology with medications that activate the immune system and help it destroy cancer cells. Originals of proven and effective products are available in Turkey.

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