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Rehabilitation after a stroke in Turkey

Rehabilitation after a stroke in Turkey is an ideal way to restore your body and return to normal life. Turkish clinics have the latest technology and practice the most effective methods of stroke rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy for rehabilitation after a stroke:

An integrated approach is used for rehabilitation: the attending physician will select a combination of those techniques that will be most effective in recovering this particular patient. Additionally, elements of traditional oriental medicine can be used.

The main techniques used are:

  • massage;

  • ultrasound therapy;

  • acupuncture;

  • electrical stimulation;

  • laser therapy;

  • moxibustion;

  • cryotherapy;

  • magnetotherapy;

  • hyperbaric therapy;

  • exercise therapy;

  • hydrotherapy;

  • stem cell transplantation.

Necessarily, the rehabilitation program includes work with a speech therapist, as well as meetings with a neuropsychologist and psychiatrist.

Features of rehabilitation after a stroke in Turkey

Rehabilitation procedures consist in the impact on the body of various radiation, waves, temperature:

  • therapeutic ultrasound - used to increase blood circulation locally;

  • electrotherapy - exposure of the body to direct current, with the help of which drugs are injected;

  • laser therapy - restoration of the functional activity of damaged tissues, to which a therapeutic laser beam is directed;

  • cryotherapy - exposure to the affected areas of the body with cold.

  • hydrotherapy and kinesitherapy for stroke treatment abroad Hydrotherapy includes baths, steam showers, douches and wipes. This uses fresh water (river, lake, rainwater). In addition to relieving pain, water procedures can restore blood circulation and prevent relapse of the disease;

  • kinesitherapy - treatment through movement. Includes active and passive methods. With active kinesitherapy, the patient independently performs the prescribed physical exercises (physiotherapy exercises). Passive kinesitherapy involves special massages (manual therapy).

Exercise for stroke rehabilitation

In Turkish clinics, gyms are provided for retraining and strengthening muscles that have failed after a stroke, for the development of balance and proprioception (sensation of the position of body parts relative to each other).

For rehabilitation after a stroke in Turkey, the most effective simulators are used, each of which is designed for specific muscle groups:

  • the electronic treadmill helps to improve coordination, increase strength and endurance of the body;

  • for the same purposes, a weight lifting system using belts is effectively used;

  • elliptical and energy pass bicycles help to improve coordination and aerobic activity of the upper and lower limbs;

  • the electronic balance training system, in addition to its goal, helps to restore proprioception;

  • standing exercise machines stimulate the activity of muscles, joints, and the circulatory system.

Most often, during rehabilitation after a stroke in Turkey, polytherapy sessions are practiced. Each patient is assigned an individual program, which takes into account exactly what state he is in and what exactly needs to be restored.

The average cost of a stroke rehabilitation program starts at 8500$ and is calculated for 10-14 days in the clinic.

To get a more accurate cost based on the current condition of the patient, you need to send us a request in the contact form. We will select the most suitable clinic for you in Turkey and provide a full individual calculation.

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