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Treatment in Turkish Hospitals

In Turkish hospitals, a wide range of diseases are treated. Our task, depending on each patient, is to find a highly qualified specialist who is able to help you.

Treatment in Turkish Hospitals

In Turkish hospitals, a wide range of diseases are treated. Additionally, there are specialists of a narrow profile, whose specialization extends to very rare diagnoses and the most complex surgical operations. Our task, depending on each patient, is to find a highly qualified specialist who is able to help you. Today, more and more patients from Europe, Asia and the former CIS countries travel to Turkey for treatment. In recent years, Turkey has been in the TOP 3 leaders of countries in international tourism in many directions.

Medical care in Turkey is the right choice

Turkish hospitals are famous for their careful attitude towards foreign patients. Regardless of the material condition, everyone is treated with respect and care. The patient is met at the airport, brought to the hospital, provided with a personal coordinator and translator. He is accommodated in comfortable wards, where you can adjust the temperature, watch TV, communicate with loved ones via Wi-Fi. The patient is looked after by nurses who are always ready to help. The proof of the excellent service of Turkish hospitals is the availability of ISO: 9001 or ISO-TUV certification. They are assigned to those hospitals where the system of management and organization of patient care is well established. Comfortable accommodation conditions and a friendly atmosphere of Turkish hospitals help patients to recover as soon as possible.

All you need to know about hospitals in Turkey

There are more than 1,200 hospitals in Turkey. The Turkish Ministry of Health owns and operates over 650 hospitals in the country. Thanks to his control, prices for diagnostics and treatment in Turkey remain among the lowest in the world.

Most hospitals in Turkey have English-speaking doctors and medical staff who are certified by the Turkish Medical Association. The cost of treatment in Turkey is 20-40% lower than in Israel and Germany. For about 10 years this country has been number 1 in terms of price-quality ratio, often only here it is possible to receive medical care, unique in its effectiveness, for a loyal amount.

Medical equipments in Turkey

More than 700.00 foreign patients come to Turkey annually. They are attracted by low prices, convenient location of the country, high-quality service and a high level of medicine in the country. Turkish hospitals are equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment: MRI-3 Tesla, TrueBeam STx, Da Vinci, TMS. The work of the hospitals is controlled by the Turkish Ministry of Health and therefore the patients of Turkish hospitals can feel in safe hands. Turkey is not only a popular resort for active sea recreation, but also a popular destination for medical tourism, which has increased several times in recent years.

Prices for medical care in hospitals in Turkey

Treatment in Turkey is attractive not only for its cost, which is 2-3 times lower than in hospitals in Germany or Israel, but also for the availability of everything necessary for high-quality medical procedures.

Turkey is suitable for treatment for many foreign citizens of neighboring countries, since acclimatization passes faster here or is completely absent. At the same time, there is the largest number of accredited hospitals in comparison with other European countries.

Approximate cost of treatment in Turkey is determined by the provided prices for basic services:

  • Consultation of a specialized specialist - from $ 145;
  • CT - from $ 1300;
  • Robotic surgery - from $ 10 thousand;
  • IVF - from $ 4000;
  • Chemotherapy - from $ 2900;
  • Kidney transplantation - from $ 26 thousand.

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